Risoprints by Juliet

Risoprints by Juliet

$15.00 - $37.00

Limited edition Risograph prints
8.5x11in Girl with Sword - $37 (4 colors: pink, teal, yellow, gold)
4x6in Cactus Boy - $15 (3 colors: green, yellow, pink)
4x6in Tea Girl - $15 (3 colors: blue, yellow, pink)
4x6in Cactus Boy alt. - $15 (2 colors: green, pink)
4x6in Tea Girl alt. - $15 (2 colors: blue, pink)

These are limited edition prints, hand-printed by Juliet.

*No one print will be exactly the same! The riso (or risograph) printing process involves layering slightly transparent soy-based ink colors one at a time to create vibrant images. Because each color is printed one at a time, slight mis-registrations naturally occur, resulting in unique overlaps of color in every print.

Risoprints by Juliet Image 2 Risoprints by Juliet Image 3 Risoprints by Juliet Image 4 Risoprints by Juliet Image 5
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