Where are your shipping prices listed?
Because we are shipping from different states, we have included our shipping fees in our product prices.

Do you ship internationally?
Not at the moment. We are currently only shipping within the US—sorry!

When will my order ship?
We will pack your order and get it in the mail in 2-5 days.

Why hasn't my order arrived yet?
We rely on USPS, which sometimes experiences delays. Please wait up to 5 weeks after you've placed your order, and if it still hasn't arrived yet, send us an email.

But also, if you live in an apartment, check your lobby, your mail area, and package storage rooms first.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct and, if applicable, includes apartment/suite/building number.

Can I exchange my order?
No, we are a small team of illustrators/designers based in different locations. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. However, if your product has incurred damage in transit, please send us an email at [email protected].