Juliet likes cooking, eating, fancy food, pretty food, locally-sourced sustainable food, oh and art and comics too. She designs comics by day and writes them by night. For more, visit her at Julietgoodman.com | @drawnbyjuliet

Julie is probably rolling around on the ground at this very moment, but if she's not, she's probably reading twelve books, going on a snack quest, or drawing suspicious children and/or animals. She also has been known to sling books professionally. Visit her at juliejarema.com | @rainbowfish523

Abhi likes drawing very serious things, like hamsters, ducks, and anthropomorphic food. She makes art for children's books, visit her site below for more!

Michelle likes shapes—throwing them, drawing them, and picking up heavy circles at the gym! She designs rectangles that look like book covers. For more, check out michelle-cunningham.com | @michelle.illo